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Or they can prevent the carbon dioxide from getting out into the atmosphere, which is called carbon capture and storage CCS. People can also change how they live because of any changes that global warming will bring. For example, they can go to places where the weather is better, or build walls around cities to keep flood water out. Like the preventive measures, these things cost money, and rich people and rich countries will be able to change more easily than the poor.

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Geoengineering is also seen by some as one climate change mitigation response. For example, a process using nanotechnology has been found to remove carbon dioxide from the air to create ethanol. The term global warming was first used in its modern sense on 8 August in a science paper by Wally Broecker in the journal Science called "Are we on the brink of a pronounced global warming? Broecker's choice of words was new and represented a significant recognition that the climate was warming; previously the phrasing used by scientists was "inadvertent climate modification," because while it was recognized humans could change the climate, no one was sure which direction it was going.

The National Academy of Sciences first used global warming in a paper called the Charney Report, it said: "if carbon dioxide continues to increase, we find no reason to doubt that climate changes will result and no reason to believe that these changes will be negligible. Global warming became more widely popular after when NASA climate scientist James Hansen used the term in a testimony to Congress. He said: "global warming has reached a level such that we can ascribe with a high degree of confidence a cause and effect relationship between the greenhouse effect and the observed warming.

Global Warming Essay

Global warming means that Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets are melting and the oceans are expanding. The term "global warming" was created by Wallace Smith Broecker. Low-lying areas such as Bangladesh , Florida , the Netherlands and other areas face massive flooding. Many cities are sea port s and under threat of flooding if the present sea level rises.

These and the other cities have either started trying to deal with rising sea level and related storm surge , or are discussing this, according to reliable sources.

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Clark, R. DeConto, B. It is an international disaster affecting the humanity in all facets of the modern human life. One of the main effects of global warming is the continuous heating up of the atmosphere. According to the statements of scientists, there is a direct relation between increase in CO2 gas in the atmosphere and increasing temperature of the earth.

According to the IPCC report of , it has been noted that the warmest years has been started since The increasing heat and global temperature causes melting of the ice caps of poles and glaciers. Melting ice all across the world increases the sea levels by 1. In the coming years it would increase to a great extent and call various natural disasters to come more often.

Melting glaciers are continuous changing the chemical compositions and temperature of the water. Increasing water temperature has disturbed the sea life and forcing the sea animals to migrate or die. It seems that in the current years the Coral life will be wiped out.

Some of the sea mammals polar bear and penguins are migrating or dying out because of the changing icy habitat. Regular melting of the ice caps is increasing the greenhouse gases levels such as carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases which are trapping heat from the sun and warming the whole environment. Melting ice bodies are greatly contributing to the albedo effect which is directly affecting the geographical life.

The important function of the ice bodies is to reflect back the extra sunlight and causing cooling effect of the earth, however if they are melting who one perform this function. It has forced the weather patterns to change and called various natural disasters like storm, drought, flood, cyclone, typhoon, thunderstorms, hurricanes, volcano, tsunami, rainstorm, etc. Earth warming on regular basis has increased the chance of increasing pests and other disease causing insects like mosquito, culex, dengue mosquito, etc.

All the effects of the global warming have deadly affected the human lives both physically and mentally. So, it requires some urgent basis solutions to be solved in few current years.

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The largest human induced factor contributing to global warming is the emission of green house gases like — carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane etc. Large quantities of green house gases results in a larger green house effect, resulting in raised atmospheric temperature. Some of the most significant effects of global warming are described below-.

Global warming has resulted in extreme climatic conditions all over the world. Unexpected changes in monsoon pattern are being witnessed.

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Winters are getting colder and summers are registering higher temperatures never recorded before. Occurrences of draught, famine and storms have increased in the gone decade.

What is Global Warming and How Does It Affect the World?

Though, the climatic variations vary from place to place, it is more evident in some places than the others. One of the most devastating effects of global warming is the rise in seal levels. The seal level is estimated to have risen by 8 inches in the gone century and is still rising, possibly due to global warming. Global warming causes thermal warming of sea water making it to expand.

Also factors like melting of glaciers and ice sheets due to global warming, contribute to raised sea levels. Global warming results in melting of snow, quickly than it should and results in a decreased snow cover. Satellite images have revealed that global warming has caused reduced snow cover over the northern hemisphere, consequently resulting in raised sea level and hotter climate.

Similarly the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic have decreased considerably. Global warming also results in warming of the ocean. Many marine species are sensitive to temperature changes and ultimately die because of it.

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The most vulnerable ocean organism to temperature change is coral. Global warming has led to melting of glaciers, throughout the world. Global warming has resulted in glacier retreat in Alps, Andes, Rockies and Himalayas. Melting glaciers have led to raised water levels of oceans and rivers, increasing the possibility of floods.

Heated water has a lower gas absorbing capacity than colder water. Cbse sample apa style english u. Good intro for kids global warming, children. Conway defined as an introduction. Admission essay. Find pertinent, test papers global warming school dependant upon the service. Erik m. A persuasive essays on short notes on global warming is it has been estimated that the earth's atmosphere. Select almost the causes of facts that project on education sites solution of global warming. What is available for an essay on global. Short essay on global warming academic global warming click informative essay on racismglobal warming click here essay on global warming.

These animals know sf author. Problem solving the greenhouse effect essay on global warming, the average temperature is global warming?

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