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The restored stream attracts tens of thousands of visitors daily who contribute significantly to local economy. Such ideas of restoration need to become more widespread, and embedded in routine climate change and disaster management planning. The investment made is amply repaid many times over in economic security and growth, biodiversity, local health and quality of life, and resilience against future disasters. Once the emergency relief is attended to, Kochi and Kodagu would do well to use their recent experience as a warning of future disasters to come in a world of increasingly uncertain climate.

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The focus must be on long-term restoration projects that can reverse some of the environmental and ecological damage that has led to the current situation. But such learning need not be confined to the areas that have experienced the worst. The rest of the world has much to learn as well. Courageous Leaders: promoting and supporting diversity in school leadership development — Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. The Maldon UP!

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Harini Nagendra , Azim Premji University. Residents of Pandanad sit in a bus stop surrounded by flood waters, in Kerala, India. The need to change our development approach In , the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, chaired by the internationally renowned ecologist Madhav Gadgil, submitted a report to the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests.

The Nasa released the video of Kerala in South India hit by heavy rainfall. Airports built on water bodies The flooding of the Kochi airport is another example of poor planning leading to disastrous outcomes. AFP The Periyar river is not the only one that has been dammed. Reversing the trend In the era of climate change we have just entered, extreme rainfall events are going to become increasingly common.

Investment in the Cheonggyecheon stream is amply repaid many times over in economic security and growth, local health and quality of life. They cause various problems for the people living in such areas. Regions hit by severe floods take months and at times even years to rebuild.

Flood is a natural disaster that is caused due to the accumulation of excessive water in a region. This is often an outcome of heavy rainfall.

Many regions also face flood due to overflow of river or ocean water, breaking of dams and melting of snow. In the coastal areas, hurricanes and tsunamis are known to bring about this condition.

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Several regions across the globe are prone to frequent floods. Floods are known to have caused mass destruction in these areas in the past.

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From damaging the environment to disrupting the human life — floods have several negative repercussions that are difficult to deal with. It is thus important to take measures to control the same. Here are a few ways to control this problem:. It is the need of the hour to set up better flood warning systems so that people are warned about the upcoming problem right on time and they have enough time to safeguard themselves and their belongings.

Buildings in the flood prone area must be constructed above the flood level so as to avoid damage to the property as well as the people living there. The government must invest in building water storage systems to store and reuse the rain water. This way the excessive water can be put to use instead of letting it overflow on the plains and cause flood.

One of the main causes of flood is the poor drainage system. It is essential to build good drainage systems to avoid water logging that results in flood. Flood barriers should be installed in the areas that are prone to flood.

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These can be removed once the water recedes. While the occurrence of rainfall, melting of snow-mountains, overflowing of water bodies and hurricanes can be difficult to control however these can be predicted in most cases and the government can take measures to ensure that water logging, that in turn results in flood, does not happen as a result of these conditions. This can be done by employing few of the methods shared above. Floods are caused by a number of reasons including heavy rainfall, overflow of water from water bodies such as rivers and oceans, melting of glaciers, hurricanes and strong winds along the coastlines.

When there is a lack of good drainage system to suck up the excessive water it results in water logging that causes flood. Floods disrupt the normal functioning of the region affected. Severe floods can result in mass destruction. Here is how floods impact life on earth:. Many people and animals lose their lives because of severe flash floods. Many others get injured and are infected by various diseases.


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Water accumulated at places for days result in the breeding of mosquitoes and other insects that are the cause of various diseases such as malaria and dengue. Cases of dysentery, pneumonic plague and military fever are also on rise during this time. The supply of electricity and water is disrupted during this time thereby adding to the problems of the general public.

There is also a risk of catching current in places where the electricity supply is still intact. Many people lose their houses and other assets such as automobiles that they take years to earn. It is also a costly affair for the government as it has to deploy a number of policemen, firemen and other officials to conduct the rescue operation. In case of severe floods, the affected regions take years to re-build.

The supply of goods in the flood affected areas lowers as the road transport cannot reach there.

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