Essay on role of mass media in education

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The Imporatnt Role Of Mass Media

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Importance of Social Media in Higher Education - EdTechReview™ (ETR)

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    source link Algeria detains three journalists who covered protests. This cartoon show created a huge mass awareness in Bangladesh.

    Role of Broadcast media

    Now she became a role model of south Asian girl fighting against the society without any weapon. The state run radio channels also organize educational programmes for the children and adults.

    They arrange live grammar classes, explanation classes and public awareness programmes. In my childhood, I heard a radio programme regularly. That was "Gombhira song show" A type of popular local song , which created a huge mass awareness among people. In the songs some "Gombhira" artists explains the fundamental rules, regulations of the society and their positive impact on people's life. Thus, the broadcasting media in our country, over last few decades is trying to expand classrooms for people without building any school.

    In Bangladesh, the reach of mass media has gradually increased in the last few decades.

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    Now people are more conscious about issues like education and health. The government and human rights organizations are giving various social awareness advertisements in newspapers, Radio and TV, which plays a vital role in expanding education among people. Although, currently, 20 per cent of the population is under some form of media darkness, Bangladesh has experienced phenomenal growth in education by using mass media.

    Short History of Media Revolation

    Especially, this penetration has increased more rapidly in rural areas, compared to urban dwellers. Mobile technologies are increasingly playing a decisive role in learning and education. Main Menue. Role of Mass Media in Enhancing Education in Bangladesh "The role of mass media in a democratic country is similar to the role of judiciary and executive. Role of print media Print media in our country is very powerful. Role of Broadcast media As I said earlier, we are now in a state of "Media Expansion", we have lot of TV and radio channels and every day new channels are coming.

    Conclusion In Bangladesh, the reach of mass media has gradually increased in the last few decades. Related Articles.