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It is also a university course in many countries, including Australia, Canada, the US, Singapore, South Africa, Netherlands and New Zealand, both for the preparation of teachers and for general education in areas such as industrial design. Unlike the National Curriculum the previous subject titles were retained e.

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These GCSE specifications had two assessed components:. A and AS level examinations prepare students for individualised learning and problem solving, which is essential in business and industry. Time management is a key factor to candidates' success within the coursework elements of the qualification. The examinations are as rigorous as any other subject.

Indeed, due to the complexity and variety of tasks and organisation skills required this examination and course is very demanding. The subject covers activities from control technology to aesthetic product design. Students have to use all types of computer software including computer-aided design and manufacture , spreadsheets and computer presentations. Outputs from such work are often sent to CNC machines for manufacture. Design is also offered in the IB Middle Years Programme as a compulsory subject for grades 6—10, and at the Diploma Programme level grades It is one of the Group 4 sciences.

The primary focus of MYP Design is to give students an understanding of the design cycle , through a practical programme. Report Thread starter 6 years ago 9. Original post by Sunatthida Oh right, ah well at least it helped. Report 6 years ago Got an A.

Report Thread starter 6 years ago I actually did way better than i expected for not knowing anything about it a week before the deadline. And best tip for the exam is basically plan out your section A, because you can predict exactly what will come up and exactly what you can put, and then the rest is just a matter of learning some content like different adhesives, materials and their uses, and some other kind of techniques.

Strokgh Badges: 0. How do you all know what you got in the coursework? I haven't been told. Original post by Strokgh How do you all know what you got in the coursework?

Resistant Materials Resistant Materials Resistant Materials Resistant

KingChowdhury Badges: 0. Is it possible to get your coursework remarked if you think that your Teacher marked it harshly. Original post by KingChowdhury Is it possible to get your coursework remarked if you think that your Teacher marked it harshly. Report 5 years ago Please can someone send me a pic or write to help me with my GCSE mood lamp analysis. DanShelley Badges: 5. Report 2 years ago Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. Write a reply Back to top.

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University of East Anglia. Undergraduate Open Day Undergraduate. Sun, 20 Oct ' University for the Creative Arts.

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Yes but I might change my mind. Yes I know where I'm applying The Diploma Programme of Design Technology is a two-year introduction to designing, a range of fundamentals of technology, and global technological issues. It provides students with the knowledge to be able to design and make in school workshops, and also to develop an informed literacy about technology in general.

Because it is an international curriculum it has a particular focus on global environmental issues. It covers core topics in human factors and ergonomics, resource management and sustainable production, modeling, raw materials to final production, innovation and design, classic design. It covers advanced higher level topics in user centered design, sustainability, innovation and markets, and commercial production.

The diploma is accepted for university entrance in many countries, and is a good preparation for careers in areas such as engineering, architecture, product design, interior design, design and education. Technological education is part of the Scottish secondary school curriculum. Technological education is segregated into various subjects available at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher. Example work: www.

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