Disadvantages of overpopulation essay

Main articles: Demographic transition and Sub-replacement fertility.

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Psychological perspective of overpopulation

Main article: Space colonization. The population explosion. London: Hutchinson. Retrieved 20 July When is an area overpopulated? When its population cannot be maintained without rapidly depleting nonrenewable resources [39] or converting renewable resources into nonrenewable ones and without decreasing the capacity of the environment to support the population.

In short, if the long-term carrying capacity of an area is clearly being degraded by its current human occupants, that area is overpopulated. Retrieved 23 January The Guardian. National Geographic. Retrieved 28 June Retrieved 5 March Retrieved 27 October Retrieved 31 October Retrieved 1 August Archived from the original on 7 July June United Nation Population Division.

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The Article ' Over Population Is Not The Problem `` New York Times

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What is Overpopulation?

Critics of neoliberalism have therefore looked at the evidence that documents the results of this great experiment of the past 30 years, in which many markets have been set free. Looking at the evidence, we can see that the total amount of global trade has increased significantly, but that global poverty has increased, with more today living in abject poverty than before neoliberalism. London and New York: Routledge. Our World in Data. Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 18 April Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories.

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Environmental Impacts of Overpopulation

Ministry of Home Affairs , Government of India. Retrieved 29 March Mabogunje 4 May African Technology Forum. World Food Program.

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    Science Advances. Bibcode : SciA Center for Biological Diversity. Retrieved 15 December The overarching driver of species extinction is human population growth and increasing per capita consumption. Much less frequently mentioned are, however, the ultimate drivers of those immediate causes of biotic destruction, namely, human overpopulation and continued population growth, and overconsumption, especially by the rich.


    Causes and consequences of overpopulation

    These drivers, all of which trace to the fiction that perpetual growth can occur on a finite planet, are themselves increasing rapidly. Archived from the original on 6 March Retrieved 30 September Biology Letters. Scientific American.