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So they stabbed him to death in the senate. He restored someaspects of the republic but, he was the head over all. He also tied together almost 50, miles ofroads.

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Constantine was a great leader, because he spread the religion of Christianity all over theWestern empire, he played a key role in the spread of Christianity. The leadership began to grow weak because of the misuse of power, poor leadership skills, andgreed.

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Firstly, misuse of power because, the republic or leaders were starting to feel higher in rankthan the others, so they began to take action on situations, without the consent of others. Secondly,greed because the leaders began to feel as if they were over everyone, the most high, they also feltthat they should get and do anything and everything they wanted.

Some even thought that they weregods. In conclusion, thatled to poorer people who turned against Rome. Rome had a strong and well maintained economy that led to its rise, but one day the economyfell, and they were in a world of trouble. Rome economy was a success because of its large incomeof money and land expansion. The money income came from lands that they invaded. To illustrate, when the Romansinvaded Egypt they got their money, grain, and weapons.

That they used to distribute across theempire.

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The money was given to the government for upholding, the weapons for the army, and thegrain for making bread and food. The government raised the tax because when the empire stopped expanding, ithad no other places to take money or valuables from or to go invade to get some.

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So all that was leftwas what the citizens had. Which in conclusion, made the citizens unhappy, which made them poor. Therivers helped with food trading and transportation. Its empire also fell because ofthe geography the information that supports is; bad soil, and land expanding too far. Rome producedbad soil because of all the wars that had taken place.

E while ancient Rome was from B. D Cole and Symes, The Greek alphabet was influenced by Phoenician sea traders and their art was mostly influenced by Egypt and western Asia. On the other hand, Rome was influenced by the Greek and derived the alphabet, many of their religious beliefs, and much of their art Cole and Symes, Abstract When comparing and contrasting the cultures of Greek and Roman civilization, there are many noted similarities and differences. This paper will focus on a few of the prominent features and attempt to define the differences, while noting the similarities.

Classical Societies: China, Athens, and Rome: Review of Social, Economic, Political, and Cultural Situations The three areas of classical civilizations developed their cultural beliefs, lifestyles, political institutions, and social structures. However, there were significant similarities among them. Patriarchal values thrived in these civilizations. The male dominated family structure with loyalty and obedience heavily stressed in China 's homes. Chinas Patriarchal society reinforced by Confucian. Similarities: Greece and Rome Relationships: Government, Religion, and Military Two of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world were the civilizations of Greece and Rome.

These two civilizations were especially significant from the time periods prior to the Roman Republic. These two civilizations both affected Europe and the Mediterranean regions including the rest of the world around them. Though the two civilizations differed in location, they also had many aspects that were very similar. One of these includes the government, with both showing the beginnings of the representative government. Ewing: University of California Press.

Selincourt, L. New York: Penguin. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here. Updated: May 21, Abstract Early Greek and Rome had high contribution to western civilization. The geography was characterized by mountainous terrain and irregular coastline. The city states were along the coastline and were separated from one another by hilly landscape. Early Rome was situated in a plain.

On the west, ancient Rome was bordered by the sea and mountain on the east. This threat motivated early Rome to expand to the legendary Roman empire. Art Early Greek had magnificent works of art. Ancient Greek art included architecture, sculpture, literature, music, and drama.

Ancient Greek orders such as Doric and Ionic were not only functional but also elegant. In addition, Early Greek sculptors were good at showing human perfection.

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The art most associated with ancient Greek is the Venus de Milo. Early Roman art were mainly imitative. Roman artists aimed mainly at producing realistic portraits chiefly for decoration Green, The Romans considered their business as that of managing governments rather than of producing works of art. The art most associated with ancient Greek is mosaic.

Compare and Contrast Greece and Rome Essay

Economy Early Greek economy was based mainly on agriculture Burckhardt, Wheat was the staple food and was produced in small farms. Big estates mainly for wine and olive oil also existed. Early Roman economy was also based chiefly on agriculture.