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For instance, African American people stayed at blacked owned hotels, resorts, and restaurants, which gave way for African American entrepreneurship Blackford Once segregation was outlawed, African American consumers leapt at the opportunity to shop at white owned businesses. It was just a single line in a speech given more than fifty years ago, yet many still remember it as one of the most important turning points in Southern political history and the American civil right movement.

As many civil rights activists were fighting for the abolishment of Jim Crow laws, newly elected Governor George Wallace stood at the podium under the Alabama State House to deliver his inaugural speech which would later cement his legacy amongst the most controversial figures in Southern.

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From slavery to the Civil Rights Movement, the African American community has faced hardships, discrimination and prejudice based on their position in the racial hierarchy in the United States. Although the melting pot called the American population has learned to coexist in the twenty first century, the African American community continues to face these problem even after the Civil Rights Act of was passed by Congress prohibiting discrimination of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Some believe that these events and the emergence of the BlackLivesMatter campaign could be the beginning of yet another American civil rights movement. Often, the story of this seedy nightclub is distorted or hardly taught at all. A huge example of this is the recent movie on the riots.

After the American Civil War , major changes which were crucial to the establishment of African Americans in the American society took place. Before the bloody war, slaves were comprised of thirteen percent of the total population of the United States.

On Violence and Nonviolence: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi | Mississippi History Now

The treatments they receive from their masters ranged from generous to abusive. The issue of slavery was becoming more and more apparent in social, economic, and most importantly political aspects of the country. In fact, even before the.

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In elementary school, students study the Civil War, and the Civil Rights movement. Teachers speak about slavery and racism as if it were a thing of the past; and juvenile minds are lead to believe that Martin Luther King Jr. Caucasian faces may live to believe the world is a blissful place, but scoff at the waitress who struggles to speak english.

The 13th amendment was established in order to abolish slavery in the United States.

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Also, the 14th amendment extended legal protection regardless of race. Furthermore, the 15th amendment abolished all racial restrictions on voting. Many states found loopholes not to enforce the 14th and 15th amendments. President Johnson favored the south; as a result, he did not do much if states went against the amendments. Johnson was such a bad leader congress attempted to impeach him, but were unsuccessful. One can argue that if President Lincoln was not assassinated the country would not have gone through as much turmoil and African-Americans might have gotten civil rights much sooner.

Many historical events lead to the civil rights movement, one being Jim Crow Laws. Plessey took his case to the Supreme Court but the justices voted in favor of the Louisiana Court. William B. Only one of the justices, John Harlan, disagreed with this decision. There were even laws that made it impossible for an African- American to vote.

In most cases, if an African American would go into these public places they would not get treated the same. Ultimately, they would not get the same service like everyone else because the mindset was that whites were the dominant race and they should be superior to everyone else.

Civil rights movement essay

Regarding, voting African- Americans must have passed a literacy tests and pay a high poll tax, the test contained informal loopholes and trick questions. I took a political science class at BMCC and the professor gave the whole class a Jim Crow literacy exam, I was shocked when everyone in the class failed it. The states that enforced Jim Crows Laws did everything in their power to not allow African- Americans the right to vote.

Poll taxes were imposed in Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, and several other states with property qualifications.

History of the Civil Rights Movement

A third common voting restriction was an education qualification. If people do not have a say in any matter people will take advantage of it. If only whites could vote politicians would not cater to other groups because it does not benefit them; in fact, it might hurt them because most whites especially in the south did not think African -Americans were entitled to civil rights. On July 26, , President Truman issued Executive Order establishing equality of treatment and opportunity in the Armed Services. It could not be changed overnight because it needs to get phased in over a certain time period.

Many events lead to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of In December of , Rosa Parks, started a major progressive movement. Her defiance of Jim Crows law violated a city ordinance. Parks was arrested, convicted, and fined. For one year people boycotted the bus company and refused to ride it, until they changed their policy. The people wanted public transportation desegregated. African-Americans were paying to ride the bus, just as the whites were. All they wanted was to be treated fairly whenever they took a ride on the bus.

They did not want to have to give their seat up simply because they were African-Americans. Governments set up committees in order to dissect domestic problems of inequality within the workforce. The committee, run by Vice President Johnson investigated seventeen hundred complaints. Through their research, they came to the conclusion that seventy percent of the complaints were true.

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While the research helped build a framework of the problem, employment of African- Americans still remained low until the passing of the Civil Rights Act of Many court cases may way for a civil rights act, one being Brown vs. It paved the way for more social change in the United States. In September of President Kennedy got involved when the University of Mississippi, denied someone admissions because of their skin color.

It was not surprising that the school objected. President John F. Kennedy told the department of defense to protect James Meredith when he went to the school.

The American Civil Rights Movement Essays

President Kennedy wanted to protect Meredith and others around him because if troops were not there he might have gotten hurt or even killed. The NAACP was founded in February of ; they are widely recognized has the greatest grassroots organization for civil rights. This organization led many marches to Washington D. During the marches they would demand change. The organization did its best to recruit women and young people. The young people were the future and if they got involved more civil rights laws would get passed. A presidential election is held every four years.

The President may serve two 4-year terms, totalling 8 years. The President lives in the White House. The Federal capital city is Washington, D. The legislative branch makes laws. The legislative branch is made up of Congress. Congress is divided into two "houses" - the House of Representatives and the Senate. You can read more about the structure of the American government on this external link: wikipedia. The judicial branch interprets what the law means. The judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court and many lower courts. Throughout the world, the misuse of the term 'race' to classify people has gone hand in hand with disregard for human rights. This has resulted in cruel behaviour towards those regarded as 'inferior'. Racism is the false idea that certain groups of people are better than others, and racists believe that it is acceptable to exclude or dominate certain of groups on the grounds of their 'race'. Most people take it for granted that all humankind can be divided into 'races'.

But 'human races' is not a scientific concept. Physical features like skin colour, hair texture and facial shape do not relate in any way to how people think or behave. Melanin is a pigment in the skin that absorbs ultraviolet radiation and limits its penetration into body tissue.